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Askona has the 25-year experience with export and import abroad Russia. At the moment we have constant and reliable partners in 10 countries including the European Union members.
Among our clients - world-biggest hotel chains as Hilton, Mariott, Hayatt, IHG.
Askona is the official mattress supplier of IKEA and Auchan (Russia).
All products are tested in the Quality Control Laboratory certified by IKEA.

Producing more then 240 000 MATTRESSES MONTHLY
we have the capability to ship large lots of goods in a short time

Askona is the 1st brand in Russia

We offer more than 300 mattress models, soft beds collection and sleep accessories. For the hotels we provide the special mattress line with Flame-retardant treatment (EN 597 - 1&2 Standart).
All our products have the appropriate International Certificates.
We're ready to produce a mattress in accordance to your individual requirements (possible for the order quantity starting with 100 mattresses).

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